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Turkish Instruments Collection (SF2)

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With this collection you can easily make turkish music with lots of samples and loops in SF2 can open those in kontakt player(any version) there is very good sounds of traditional and specially Strings of turkish music .

total : 375 MB

no pass

windows and Mac for

linkleri günceLLemeyeceğim


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30 Mart 2008 at 20:35

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Sound Editor DeLuxe v3.9

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Sound Editor Deluxe Windows platformlarında çalışan profesyonel bir dijital ses düzenleme uygulamasıdır. Sesi görsel olarak düzenlemenize izin verir. 

Sound Editor Deluxe ile hem ses düzenleme konusundaki tüm ihtiyaçlarınızı gideebilir, hem de CD ve kasetlerinizi rahatça dijital ortama aktarabilirsiniz.


• Editing – Open, create and save audio files. Play an audio file or any part of it. Visually edit an audio file (Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File and Insert or Delete noise or silence in an audio file)
• Display – Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming
• Recording – Record new audio file from a microphone or another input device
• Digital effects – Apply different effects (Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverse, Multi Tap Delay, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Echo, Chorus)
• Audio filters – Apply different filters to the selected part of an audio file (Ban Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter)
• Support all major audio formats – Sound Editor Deluxe supports a wide range of audio formats, such as MPEG (MP3, MP2), WAV, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, Audio Tracks and Dialogic VOX. It is easy to convert an audio file from one format to another.
• ID3 tag & Media information – Insert and change information about an audio file (Album, Artist, Channels, Comments, Copyright, Genre, Title, Year)
• Ease of use – Sound Editor Deluxe provides a customizable interface, allowing you to build projects the way you want. It also supports standard Windows keyboard commands and mouse shortcuts
• Markers – Use markers in your audio file to quickly select between different selections!
• Selection tool – Select a part of your audio file precisely with the selection tools of Sound Editor Deluxe

Sound Editor Deluxe supports the following file formats so that you can edit audio files:
– Waveform audio (PCM wave)
– MPEG Audio (various layers) to include MP2 and MP3
– Windows Media Audio
– Audio CD Tracks
– OGG Vorbis Audio
– VOX Dialogic ADPCM
– RAW Audio

OS: Windows® 2000/XP/ Vista

Size: 8.12 mb


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24 Mart 2008 at 22:36

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Portable SoundTrek Jammer Pro v6.0.3.1

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With SoundTrek’s JAMMER Professional software, you can instantly create musical accompaniment and full arrangements of popular songs and original music in a wide variety of styles. JAMMER Professional turns your PC into the ultimate 256 track music studio with built-in software studio musicians.

Creating professional accompaniment tracks in JAMMER is fast and easy. Just enter some chords on JAMMER’s lead sheet, pick a musical style and then press the Compose button. JAMMER instantly creates and plays full professional arrangements of accompaniment in the style you have chosen.

Choose from hundreds of assorted intros, grooves, breaks and endings to produce your songs. Use as many styles as you like in a single song and then mix your final masterpiece using JAMMER’s 256 track graphic mixer. JAMMER will amaze you with its power, ease of use, and high quality music accompaniment tracks.

10mb / doWNLoad  ( RAPID or 4shaRed )


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09 Mart 2008 at 01:36

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AD Stream Recorder 2.5.2

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1.357 kb

AD Stream Recorder is a sound record program. It can record and visualize live streaming audio from the internet, audio from movies and music played by the most popular media players as well as from any source of your sound card into MP3 and WAV format. Real-time visual presentation of input sounds during monitoring and recording enables you to save them with high quality.

Bir ses kayıt programıdır. Diyelim ki internette herhangibi bir siteden, radyodan ya da youtube’dan bir şey dinlediniz ve kaydetmek istiyorsunuz. Bu program işinizi görecektir. MP3 ve WAV formatında kaydedebilirsiniz.

kullanınımı da çok basit. programı özgürleştirdikten sonra options/record settings bölümünden kaydetmek istediğiniz formatı belirleyebilirsiniz.


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03 Mart 2008 at 20:13

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Power AMR MP3 WAV WMA M4A AC3 Audio Converter 1.6

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Audio Editors

Power AMR MP3 WAV WMA M4A AC3 Audio Converter programıyla popüler ses formatlarını birbirine dönüştürebilirsiniz. Programın desteklediği formatlar: WAV, MP3, MP2, MP1, MPEG, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG, AVI, MPC, MOV, QT, AIFF, AU, AC3, WMA, 3GP.


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28 Şubat 2008 at 00:00

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ChordWizard Gold v2.01a

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The essential workshop for guitar and all other fretted string instruments, with an unlimited number of chord and scale types.

If you’re serious about your music, you’ll be amazed at the way ChordWizard Gold Edition 2.0 turbo charges your knowledge and creativity, putting you in total control of your fretboard.

Designed for Guitar, Bass Guitar and all other fretted instruments in all tunings, this is a truly unlimited musical reference and integrated workshop that you can apply directly to your own musical activities.



ChordWizard SongTrix Gold v3.0c-Lz0

ChordWizard Music Theory v3.01a

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21 Şubat 2008 at 23:42

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ChordWizard SongTrix Gold v3.0c-Lz0

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Explore and master the world of music as it has never been presented before.

Songtrix Silver 3.0 is an intuitive learning environment where knowledge and skills progress rapidly as you create real musical works. It is a complete package with everything you need to kickstart your musical career.

Get all the answers from the How Music Works tutorials, starting with the basics through to the advanced topics of songwriting and improvisation, with sample sounds to clearly demonstrate each point.

See and hear music theory in action as you experiment with musical examples and build songs with styles, chords and other musical events.

Staff notation is created instantly and continuously as you work, developing your sight-reading skills and allowing you to share your music with others.

Meet and interact with other musicians on the ChordWizard Network, where you can download their songs, or publish the songs that you have created yourself



Written by My biSGen

20 Şubat 2008 at 10:40

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