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Steinberg Hypersonic v1.12.808 H20

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Hypersonic is the music workstation that adds more power, more versatility and more sounds to your system than you’ve ever dreamt of. With it’s excellent sound-per-system specs, uncompromised sound quality, fast and easy tweaking options, Hypersonic is the ultimate sound factory for every computer-based musician. Hypersonic is both a compositional workhorse and an expandable, high-performance sample player / synthesizer. It takes the musical instrument workstation concept to computer-based music production environments with higher quality, easier use, and more effective playability than ever before.


With 5 high quality sound generation engines, a large built-in patch library with 1000 patches from more than 50 categories featuring Wizoo’s acclaimed sound design, it delivers an unbelievable amount of sounds, effects, voices and outputs, allowing you to generate more high-quality sounds in a given system than ever before.

A fully integrated database makes finding the right sounds a breeze; "hyper knobs" allow for quicker, easier and more "intelligent" sound-tweaking than ever before at the turn of a single knob. Thanks to its proprietary and unique optimization engine, Hypersonic dramatically reduces CPU load, RAM/disk space requirements, and patch/combi loading times.

Hypersonic’s synthesis engines and sound library are expandable by Hyper Modules.
16 Channels Playable Simultaneously
Channel link functions allows for layering patches by mouse
Velocity/key zone switching and crossfading
Mute function
Patches can be copied, moved, and renamed in the arrangement
Arrangement loadable/savable as combinations (song chains)
Integrated Mixer with Level, Pan, Output, FX1-4 Send
Up to 4 user-editable FX per part
Switchable realtime meter (audio level, velo, polyphony)
Patch lock function prevents accidental altering of values
MIDI mixer allows adjusting velo zone, key zone, polyphony, transposition and tuning per patch
Integrated Super-fast Search Engine Simplifies Finding the Right Sounds
Hyper patches have extensive keyword/descriptor tagging for precise, non-redundant search results.

Context-sensitive "Hyper Display"
"Hyper Display" shows important information such as patch descriptions, parameter meaning, controller assignment and other info that significantly adds speed and ease to the workflow

Hyper Knobs for Fast and Effective Sound Tweaking
For each patch there’s an individual set of knobs; names and functions have been carefully pre-programmed by patch designers
Each knob affects multiple parameters within the patch and its elements (Macro and Morph functionality)
The Hyper Knobs always offer the six most relevant tweaking options for each type of sound, saving the user the tedious trial-and-error tweaking of dozens of single parameters
Automating Hyper Knobs via MIDI offers the most effective realtime control imaginable – one knob turns multiple parameters at a time
To program Hypersonic via hardware, Hyper Knobs can be assigned to hardware knobs (e.g., a USB MIDI keyboard or controller)

Expansion Bay: For up to 5 sound/sample library expansions or synthesizer modules

Wizoo Wave ROM comes standard in slot 1

Expansion modules enjoy full integration into Hypersonic during installation: database, arrangement, mixer, and so on (i.e., analog synth expansion module patches integrate seamlessly into the Hypersonic patch database)

Integrated MIDI Keyboard
88-key, Mouse-velocity
2 wheels

Seamless, Comfortable Integration into VST 2.0 Compatible Hosts
Hypersonic sound banks and hyper patches can be browsed and selected directly from arrange window tracks.
Technical Info
System Requirements

PC Processor
Pentium III 500 MHz or AMD K7 (P IV / Athlon 1 GHz or faster recommended)
RAM: 256 MB
Free Disc Space: 300 MB of hard disk space
Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and XP Professional
Host Application: VST 2.0 compatible host software
Other: MIDI Interface, USB component connector required

Mac Processor
Processor: Power Mac G3 500 MHz (G4 recommended)
RAM: 256 MB
Free Disc Space: 300 MB of hard disk space
Operating System: OS X Version 10.2 or higher
Host Application: VST 2.0 compatible host software (Audio Unit Adapter included)
Other: MIDI Interface, USB component connector required


Product Type
Multitimbral (16 part), multi-synthesis super-polyphonic workstation with integrated effect and mixing capabilities plus 1000+ pre-programmed hyper patches, easy and powerful macro editing (hyper knobs) and large and comfortable user interface.

Sound Generation
Method: Hypersonic Synthesis Engine – Hyper patches consist of elements using multiple synthesis methods combined
Engines: Multisample, Virtual Analog Synthesis, FM Synthesis, Wavetable Synthesis, Sliced Loop, Drumkit (more synthesis engines can be added using optional expansion modules)

Number of Parts: 16
Maximum Polyphony: 1024 voices
Patch Structure: up to 16 elements per patch (drumkits: 64), pre-configured (any combination of synth engines and insert FX)

Sound Editing: Easy in-depth editing using Hyper Knobs (individually assigned and labelled per patch), additional parameters available in edit area

User Interface
Size: 800×600 large graphical interface

Arrange Section: 16 parts with MIDI Indicators, Mute, Link
Part Level Section: 16 sliders, level meters (switchable to audio level, velocity, polyphony)
Edit Area: 6 modes (Load, Edit, MIDI, Mix, FX, Setup)
Hyper Display: clear text descriptions/info for Hyper patches and functions (mouse-sensitive)
Hyper Knobs: 6 macro knobs, individually assigned and labelled per patch
Screen Keyboard: 88 key (shift function for full MIDI range), mouse-velocity, 2 wheels
Wave ROM
More than 400 (multisampled) waveforms

Size: 260 MB (linear: 600 MB)

Audio Quality: Up to 24 bit, up to 48 kHz

Format: proprietary wave optimization, saving up to 66% CPU/RAM/Disk load
Expansion Slots: 5 for either synth engine or library expansions (optional)

Program Memory
Preset Hyper Patches: 1000
Preset Combis: 100
Preset Drumkits: 70
Patch Categories: more than 50
User Memory: 20 banks with 128 slots each (each holding a Combi or Patch)

Total memory expandable by Expansion Modules

Patch Database
Search Items: Patch names, categories, attributes (all Hyper patches are pre-tagged)
Integration: All patches from ROM, User memory and optional expansion boards

Pre-programmed Effects: Up to 15 insert effects per patch
Patch Effects: Up to 4 user-editable FX sections per patch (totalling to 64 patch effect sections per combi)

Main Effects: 4 stereo effect processors
Algorithms: 40, all relevant types (see FX type reference below)

Channels: 32 maximum (number adjustable by user), integrated mixer

Configuration: Quad, Stereo or Mono

Expansion Slots
Number: 5
Type: Synthesis engine, Sound/Waveform library

Built-in Arpeggiator
Extensive realtime (MIDI) control
LFOs/Effects synced to song tempo

Mac: OSX 10.2 or higher
Win: Windows 2000/XP
Plug-in formats: VST 2.0, AU

for macintoch and windows


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05 Şubat 2008 01:13

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